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A Research on Determination of Burnout Syndrome of Accounting Profession in Sanliurfa City

People live in society. As a natural consequence of living in society, they need to work in a job to earn income in order to make a living. Every profession, holy and difficult. But some professions are more tiresome than others. This leads to the reasons that occupational occupants are less motivated over time, not enjoying their work, getting desperate day by day, and so on. One of these professions faced with exhaustion is accountancy. Accountants have to keep in constant communication with the customers, have a constantly updated regulation that is not constant, they should be held accountable for the mistakes made, elements increase the level of burnout day by day. The aim of the study was to determine whether accountants with identified activity differed according to demographic variables of burnout levels in Şanlıurfa. Maslach Burnout Syndrome Scale is applied on members of accounting profession at Şanlıurfa city center. , The result of the study indicates that the burnout level of the accounting professionals showed differences in terms of emotional exhaustion, depersonalization and personal success sub-dimensions.

Accounting, Accounting Profession, Burnout Syndrome.


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