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Effect on Flexibility Development of 8 Weekly Dynamic Strength Exercises Applied to 10-12 Age Male Swimmers

The purpose of this study was to examine the effect of 8-week dynamic stretching exercises on flexibility development in 10-12 year old male contestant swimmers. The study was carried out voluntarily with 20 contestants participating trained in water and field training on average 12-18 hours a week. . Subjects were divided into two gruops, these were 10 swimmers for experimental group from Galatasaray sports Club, with age of 11,08±0,7 years, body weight of 37,08±4,8 kg and height of 150,8±8,6 cm and 10 swimmers for control group from Yeşilyurt Sports Club; with age of 10,08±0,8 years, body weight of 38±3,3 kg, height of 148,8±6,5 cm. For the experiment group, 12 predetermined stretching movements for 3 days per a week and during 8 weeks were performed in the warming section of the workout as 2 repetitions and 30 seconds. During this 8-week period, the control group continued their swimming and field work without doing a flexible exercises. Flexibility values were measured before and after the exercise program without any warm-up working, with the aim of determining the basic flexibility twice; shoulder flexion, shoulder posture, trunk flexion, trunk flexion, hip flexion, hip flexion, dorsi flexion and plantar flexion flexibility were measured between 16.00 and 18.00 hours. The study was done as a pre-test-post test model and comparison of experimental-control groups.The body flexibility values of all subjects participating in the study (experimental-control group) were recorded. Statistical analysis of the obtained data was performed using SPSS 11.0 for Windows package program. Paired Samples t test was used for intra-group comparisons and Independent Samples t tests were used for intergroup comparisons. Significance levels of differences between the measurements were examined and p <0.05 and p <0,01 significance level. As a result; 10 of the participants in the experimental group participated in the study, as a result of 8 weeks of dynamic stretching exercises; right-left shoulder flexion-extension, right-left hip flexion-extension, right-left plantar flexion flexibility values were found to be statistically significant both within the group and between the groups. While it was determined that the values of dorsi flexion flexibility in the right and left feet were increased only statistically as a result of the intra-group comparisons, it was found that the difference between the right and left shoulder extensibility flexibility values was not significant between both groups.

Male Swimmers, Flexibility, Dynamic Strength Exercise


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