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International Strategies Framework Education of Diplomacy in Turkey (A Study on the Mevlana Change Program)

Information-based technologies have brought globalization, which means increasingly interdependence of nations in the economic sense, to the field of education today. This development which provides serious student mobility in the world is very important in terms of internationalizing the education systems of the countries. It can be easily understood from the OECD countries, especially the foreign student population that the US created a brand value in higher education. So much so that international education studies, which generate benefits to countries through academic and scientific interaction, strengthen educational diplomacy as a parameter of public diplomacy. In 2011, entered into force on Mevlana Exchange Program, Turkey has also realized a breakthrough in facing these global developments. That domestic institutions of higher education abroad with higher education institutions providing education among students and faculty exchange programs to enable this, Turkey is aiming to achieve an effective player in the training diplomacy. First, this work is directed at the area designated by Joseph Nye as 'soft power'. And it includes an empirical research covering the Mevlana Exchange Program that enables Turkey's internationalization. Thus, in the framework of Mevlana Exchange Program since 2011, sent from Manas University to Turkey students' satisfaction levels they have heard from this exchange program, will be aimed to measure. Students who study at Kyrgyzstan-Turkey Manas University, who have a student profile from fifteen different countries of the world, the capacities of utilizing the Mevlana Exchange Program and their evaluations about the program will be examined by questionnaire technique using the descriptive scanning model. In this context, determining the things to be done in order to make the Mevlana Exchange Program more widespread is one of the main targets. By means of the findings, a sound drill will be conducted on how to create a potential for educational mobility and a value analysis will be carried out in terms of public diplomacy.

Anahtar Kelimeler
Internationalization in Education, Public Diplomacy, Education Diplomacy, Mevlana Exchange Program, Kyrgyzstan-Turkey Manas University.


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