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Migration and Integration Studies Analysis of Turkey

Turkey has an important position in terms of immigration culture tradition. Since the 15th century, it has created a state tradition by producing policies on immigration. While it was a state that received immigration until the Republican Period, after 1960, it started to give migration to the labor force. According to immigration theories, the causes of migration fluctuations in the world are being investigated first, focus will be on Turkish immigration policies from Ottoman to today. Turkey frame of the major factors that lead to migration will be opened to discussion. In the study, firstly the causes of migration fluctuations in the world will be investigated according to immigration theories. Then, from the Ottoman Empire in Turkey will focus on today's immigration policies. Turkey framework of the principal factors that led to the migration will be opened to discussion. The aim here is to compare emigration and immigration processes. In this context, the neo-liberal developments will be subject to review in the light of the developments in Turkey's migration to reflex. Among the world's nations tried to determine differences in Turkey's immigration policy, and the contributions of new policies applied to world peace will be examined. Radically reducing the causes of immigration is one of the main goals of the United Nations. In reaching these goals, whether or not creating an original model of Turkey's approach is a very important situation. As an Important state in the international scene, Turkey place a strategically significant role in the region with respect to its historical and cultural herritage. In the same way migration is a critically issue in this region and Turkey has an important role in it. Moving from this perspective, we will first analyze the immigration trafficking of the country from the east to the present, in the second stage, statistics of the recent integration studies will be subjected to descriptive analysis. In the last stage, social, economic, political and cultural consequences of migrations will be tried to reach.

Migration, The new world system, Migration government, Immigration integration policies, Turkey


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