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Two Teachers Two Roman Lots! Laugh

Humor is a type of communication used by all segments of the society, which pushes the patterns by going beyond the ordinary and sometimes breaks them. Presenting things that cannot be said in different cases protects both the narrator and the listener / reader from the possibility of direct conflict. In the study, in which humor elements are handled in written works, there are elements that encourage all segments of society to think about the situation, behavior and character comedy in educational institutions. Rıfat Ilgaz wrote a critically acclaimed poetry hababam class is known in the literary world with his novel. In addition to the repressive attitude of the writers of the period, he seizes the opportunity to stay away from censorship and arrests. The author has had to endure many arrests and adverse conditions in prisons. The fact that he uses humor in his works as a tool that brings to light the reality that cannot be expressed and encouraged in matters that concern all segments of life such as economy, politics and education, both increased the expressiveness of his expressions and prevented arrests. The socialist-realist writer, who continues his teaching profession in different parts of the country, sheds light on the reality of the country by conveying the events witnessed in his works in a realistic and critical language as well as personal experiences. The German author Stephan Serin, whose work titledFöhn mich nicht zuwe have examined, is also in an active working life as a teacher and writes with humor the reflections of the cultural differences he witnessed in his professional life, the injustice of income distribution, the distortions in the education system, and the lack of communication between parents and children, and aims to warn the society. In this study, the humorous elements that show the problems in the educational life, which they meet at the common point in the two works of two authors of different nationalities, who are representatives of different generations, were analyzed comparatively with the text-based analysis method. After giving theoretical information about the concept of humor in the introduction, the lives of the authors and then the comparison of the works are given.

Rıfat Ilgaz, Stephan Serin, Humor


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