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Has Corona Brought the End of the Post-1789 Modern Age? Or Are We in the State of Tension Caused by a New Thucydides Trap?

Abstract The three greatest values of civilization are justice, freedom, and peace. Although these three values have been hard-won over the long history of humanity, they always preserve hope as a common sharing of humanity. The coronavirus-19, which turned into a pandemic in 2020 and created a global agenda, has radically shaken these three values that took great efforts to achieve. With the pandemic, people have begun to question how fair the world they live in is in terms of the use and distribution of resources. How the public administration will resolve the concerns manifested by us vacillating between our freedom and our safety, which is the result of digitalization created by the pandemic, has caused great concern. Inquiries in the context of the countries responsible for the coronavirus causing the pandemic have also left us in uncertainty that world peace is under threat, the global system is shifting, and we are face to face with the construction of a new order. The perception has been as if the Modern Age, which started after 1789, has completed its historical process, and now we have entered a new age, the Digital Age. The purpose of this study, which carries out its analysis with a descriptive method, is to seek answers to these inquiries within the framework of the "new world order" faced with the pandemic.

Coronavirus-19, Pandemic, New World Order, Thucydides Trap


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