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A Sociological Evaluation on The “Digital” Home (Women) Based Work and The Status of Women

The home-based work, which has a known history dating back to the European Middle Ages and continues to exist in our country from the Ottoman Empire to the present, is widely preferred by women, especially because of the opportunity it provides to produce in homes. This way of working allows women workers to carry out income-generating activities at home on the one hand, and to carry out household chores and care services imposed by the division of labor based on gender stereotypes on the other. This work style, which has characteristics such as low status, low income, labor intensive and informal, is an important means of increasing household income for women who cannot participate in the labor market in the public sphere. In recent years, especially with the developments in internet technology, we have witnessed that home-based work has undergone a drastic change. Recently, we have witnessed a rapid increase in the number of home-based working women who share and sell homemade food they prepare in their own kitchens on a digital platform, and earn income in this way, through a relatively new mobile application developed based on online home-to-home food ordering. From this point of view, firstly, the housework and care services undertaken by women will be mentioned in the study, and then other economic and socio-cultural reasons that direct women to work home-based will be emphasized. After briefly discussing the characteristics and historical background of home-based work style, the change experienced by home-based work with digitalization will be revealed. Finally, the impact of the digital home-to-home homemade food ordering system on home-based working women will be examined.

Digital home based work, informal work, gender stereotypes, care services, female employee.


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