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Psychosocial Dynamics of Violence Trend

Violence" as a multidimensional psychosocial problem that is interpreted as all kinds of harmful actions in physical, verbal, emotional, psychological, sexual and economic terms, is the source of today's people to experience perhaps the most traumatic period of their history. Violence, which is identified with dramatic processes in collective memory and can be positioned as one of the biggest obstacles to the construction of a more livable world, has become the strongest trigger of different problems beyond what is known today by increasing its level of impact. It is seen that violence, which symbolizes the destructive aspect of human beings, poses a great threat to "educational institutions", which we foresee to be an important argument in shaping the future of humanity. In this context, our study aims to investigate the tendencies towards violence that we assume to be the source of many psychosocial problems and reduce the quality of life of high school students in adolescence, who have a more dominant character compared to other developmental periods in terms of their potential to affect life, in terms of various demographic variables and thus, to determine the psychosocial dynamics of the tendency to violence. bears. The sample of the study consists of a total of 86 high school students, 53 (61.6%) girls and 33 (38.4%) boys, who participated in the survey we conducted via the internet. The data obtained using the "Personal Information Form" and the "Violence Tendency Scale" developed by Gökalp, Bayat, Türkçapar (1995) were applied in the SPSS program with descriptive statistics such as arithmetic mean, frequency, standard deviation and Chi-Square test procedures with the significance level of p <0.05. As a result of the procedures carried out, the variables of "gender, class, economic status, satisfaction with school climate, assessment of the pandemic effect and perception of God", in addition to the variables of school type and daily internet occupation, are the source of statistically significant differences and thus, it is important in shaping the violent tendencies of high school students in adolescence. It has been determined that they are determinants.

Psychology of Religion, ViolentTendency, Pandemic, Adolescence, High School.


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