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The Opinions of Secondary School Students About Giving Science Courses with Distance Education During the Covid-19 Pandemic

<p>Coronavirus (Covid-19) has been spreading rapidly from Wihan, China to all over the world, then Countries tried to take a series of measures against it. Since March 16, Turkey closed schools all around the country and has been conducting distance education. In this study, the opinions of secondary school students about giving science courses with distance education were examined during the Covid-19 pandemic. For this purpose, a case study pattern, one of the qualitative research methods was used in the research. The study was carried out with a thousand students in a secondary school in various regions. The multi-stage sampling method was used to select the sample for the study. The interview was conducted with the student online. The content analysis technique was used to analyze the data, which was obtained from the questionnaire, created online. As a result of the research, students stated that they found distance education beneficial due to process and the lessons with distance education helped repeat and reinforce science subjects, but it was also a big deficiency to be able to experiment lab with distance education. They emphasized that they prefer to have education in terms of one-to-one training and lab experiment in school, to better understand the subjects, to be motivated, to make lessons fun, and socialize. By the Ministry of National Education, a live lesson application was added to the education information network (EIN) during the distance education process. Students stated that they felt as if they were at school, and had the opportunity to ask questions immediately when they couldn&rsquo;t solve during this application. Since the application is new, they added that it should be improved due to some technical problems.</p>

Science education, distance education, Education Information Network (EIN), secondary school


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