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Representation of Fear in Today's Visual Art

In this study, the reflections of the production of speculative fear that shape the social life of today are emphasized. Fear is instinctively the source of man's efforts to survive. Fear is a prerequisite for creating a common pattern of behavior in society and instinctively the source of human survival. A society that which shaped by fear, loses its sense of freedom and cannot develope confidence. This situation occurs within the framework of the rules of society. Keeping people under control those who want to maintain their power with prohibitive and compelling behavior patterns are as old as human history. Individuals communicates with the society in which he/she lives through tradition and custom which produced behavioral patterns that a society must comply with. Man cannot go beyond these rules and sanctions, otherwise he/she experiences fear of exclusion. In this study is the concept of class inequality, capital order that feeds the feelings of anxiety and fear in man; to explain through visual art the different types of fears that have spread throughout the society. In connection with this, a number of works produced in multidisciplinary fields have been examined. It includes the visual reflections of the resulting human behavior in consequence of the normalization of concepts such as strain, exclusion, marginalization, punishment. The focus of the study is resources and materials related to the transformation of visual messages surrounding human.

Collective Fear, Anxiety, Visual Arts


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