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An Investigation on Waste and Wastage in Hotel and Restaurant Businesses Operating in Konya

The aim of this study is to determine the existing food waste management policies, food wastage rates, and practices to prevent food wastage in 5 five-star hotels and 9 restaurants operating in Konya. In the scope of the research, literature review and current projects and information on the subject were included. Primary data were obtained through semi-structured interview form and open-ended questions in order to identify information about food wastage in participating businesses. The research was carried out with 19 participants from hotel businesses, 9 from restaurant businesses and 28 participants in total. As a result of the findings obtained, the total amount of waste generated in one day at the hotel business is 322.5 kg, and the amount of food waste is 166.5 kg. In restaurant business, the total waste amount was 521 kg, and the food waste amount was 343 kg. Considering the ratio of food wastes among other waste types, this rate is approximately 52% in hotel business and 66% in restaurant business. Food waste was most common in bread. It was determined that the reason for the occurrence of food wastes and wastage was caused by the guests requesting more than they could consume.

Hotel Business, Restaurant Business, Wastage, Food Waste.


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