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Understanding Customer Responses and Expectations in the Face of Negative Purchase Experiences

Customer satisfaction is important in today's market conditions. Satisfied customers become loyal to the company and share their positive experiences. Dissatisfaction which is the opposite of satisfaction causes to lose market share. Problems arising during or after purchasing cause to dissatisfaction. When faced with such a situation, prediction about possible customer reactions and compensation accordingly customers’ expectations help to reduce the severity level of negative attitudes. When reviewing the literature in Turkey, any study could be found about customers’ and firms’ reactions to a real problem occurred during purchasing or consuming period. Therefore, studying on this issue is expected to contribute to the literature. This study aims to obtain detailed information about characteristics of negative buying experiences, expectations and reactions of customers when they face the problem, firms’ actions to compensate for the problem. For this purpose, depth semi-structured interviews were conducted with thirty people. The findings show that the participants feel and respond negatively when they face a negative purchase experience. It is revealed that anger and dissatisfaction are the most usual emotional reaction, while complaining and stopping buying are most common behavioral response. The image of the firm affects responses. It is also found that there are differences between expected and actual compensation of the firms, so it causes to increase dissatisfaction.

Negative experience, satisfaction, emotion, response, compensation.


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