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The Effect of Social Media Applications in Recreative Activities of University Students

The concept of social media, which is important in people's today’s lives, shows its effect through frequent visits throughout the day. And through these visits, individuals can be affected by many things. Individuals head to recreational activities in order to relieve the stress of the day in their out of work or school hours. Moreover they can make their spare time plans by being affected by shares they see on social media. Accordingly, this study discusses whether social media has an impact on recreational activities and how much time is allocated to social media during the day. In total, 33 students were given a form consisting of 5 open-ended questions and the answers were subjected to content analysis. As a result of the study, it was found that individuals spend 5.5 hours in a day on mobile social media applications and they usually participate in recreational activities by affected by the visuals they see in these applications. Furthermore, it is concluded that the participants associate recreation and social media concepts with “advertising tool or leisure time activities”.

Recreation, Social Media, University


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