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Investigation of with is Visual Analogue Scale Emotional States of the Students Studying at the School of Physical Education and Sports

Individuals may have different emotions according to the time period in which they take place and the events they experience. When asked to describe their feelings, each individual makes in different expressions in the face of the same event. In order to determine the orientation of individuals 'different expressions towards an object or inside, many studies have been conducted and scales have been used. Contrary to these commonly used scales, the was visual analog scale reflects the frequency of emotion to the grading plane when an individual feels the most intense emotion. The aim of this study is to Investigation of with is Visual Analogue Scale Emotional States of the Students studying at the School of Physical Education and Sports. The Research Group, was made up of134Female and173Male(Age(mean)=21,4607+1,8792),307 in Total, Studying at The Physical Education and Sports School of Karamanoğlu Mehmetbey for achieve the purpose of the research; Personal Information Form developed by there researches, Visual Analogue Scale developed by Albersnagel (1998) adapted to Turkish culture by Aydın and et all (2011) were used in order to reach the aim of the study. This scale; It is a measure ment tool that is calculated by scoring and calculating and through ruler with a vertical line with a flat plane between 18 different emotions, each of which is never experienced (0) and completely experienced(1). For the analysis and interpretation of the data; compatibility of the data with normal distribution One Sample Kolmogorov-Smirnov Test, tested with and Mann-Whitney U test and Kruskal Wallis Test for independent samples was used and significance was taken as P<0.05 As a result of this study; according to gender variable; there was a significant difference between the positive emotion variable sub-dimension and the variables of tranquility and anxiety. Depending on these differences, individuals feel some while emotions long-term, some emotions can be may terminated for a short time too. In reflecting this difference, male students are more active than female students; female students were found to be more passive too. It was found that there was no significant difference according to the Mother and father education level and class variable. According to the results obtained from the examination of different sub-dimensions; It is thought that the visual analog scale will contribute to the studies and effective researches in terms of detecting the changes in emotions and measuring the emotion expressions in the face of the situations in which the students live according to their education level sand during the education process.

Key Words:Visual Analog,Emotional,Physical Education,Student


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