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Minimalist Lifestyle from the Point of Environmental Bioethics

In today's world, new solutions are being sought due to excessive consumption, depletion of resources as well as increasing waste. It is thought that consumption habits should be revised with increasing population. In this context, sustainable consumption, sustainable nutrition and related minimalist lifestyle are mentioned. These concepts have recently begun to be discussed and people have started to develop awareness on this issue. Sustainable consumption is considering the rights of future generations and consumption of the present generation without ignoring their own needs. Small-scale behavioral changes, such as the need to change household appliances without needing them, switching off electronic devices such as televisions and radios when not in use, and double-sided use of paper, are examples of sustainable consumption. Consumption, of course, is not limited to goods. The food sector also consumes natural resources. In this context, the concept of sustainable nutrition is mentioned. It is recommended to consume vegetable-weighted foods in the form of sustainable nutrition. Because, in order to meet the increasing demand for meat in the world, large lands are used for animal husbandry and this causes climate change. Today, consumption is not limited to the need and it is observed that this type of consumption creates a serious burden on natural resources. If the consumption is sufficient to meet only one's needs, we are faced with the concept of a minimalist lifestyle. And this lifestyle should be considered as an immediate solution to environmental problems, and should be considered as virtuous human behavior in terms of respect for life and nature for people with an environmental bioethical approach.

Limited resources, minimalist lifestyle, sustainable diet, environmental bioethics.


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