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An Investigation of Xenophobia Attitudies of Students Participating in Inter-University Sports Competitions

It can be said that attitudes towards immigrants have recently been among the subjects of interest. Xenophobia is considered to be hostile attitudes that result from positioning individuals who outside the group as a problem in terms of their socioeconomic status, culture, identity and values. With the globalizing world order, it is known that many official sports clubs, especially in the field of sports, make transfers of athletes and coaches from different parts of the world. With the recent increase in the quota of foreign athletes, it can be said that the perspective of foreign athletes or coaches has become important for both club supporters and the current team and management in terms of ensuring team integrity. The aim of this study is to investigate the xenophobic attitudes of students participating in inter-university sports competitions in terms of some variables. A total of 154 athletes, 91 male and 63 female, participated in the inter-university sports competitions in 2018-2019 season were participated to the study as voluntarily. ‘’Xenophobia Scale ‘’ developed by Bozdağ and Kocatürk (2017) was used to determine the attitudes of athletes towards immigrants. The data obtained from the study were analyzed by using SPSS 22.0 package program. Descriptive statistics, T-test, Anova and Mann Whitney tests were used for statistical analysis. As a result of the research; It was concluded that there was no significant difference between the effect of athletes on gender, age, and branch and xenophobic attitudes. Furthermore, a significant difference was found between the variable of ‘’supporting the national team coach of foreign nationality’’ and xenophobic attitudes of the athletes.

Athlete, Xenophobia, Team Sports, Student


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