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Futurism Concept and Place of Landscape Architecture

People have changed their environment since the early ages. Especially in the 20th century, there has been much progress in terms of industry and technological developments. There have also been important developments in terms of new ideas and trends. The understanding of futurism emerged in the early years of the 20th century. It has turned out to be an advanced and innovative, original and progressive trend. This trend, which gives importance to speed, power and mechanization, has been effective in many branches of art. This trend, which started to emerge in Italy, then spread all over Europe. It advocates that life is constantly changing and art should keep up with all the established rules and find new ways of expression and forms. However, even if futurism was originally structured as an art movement, it has become a scientific concept in which futurist ideas share the predictions, future scenarios of those who think about the future. Futurism is, in a sense, a disgust to the past and an irony to the present. They claim that good and beautiful are future dreams and ideas. It shows how the futurism movement that emerged in the 20th century affected many branches of art and is still affecting it. Although futuristic works in many branches of art date back to older days, such works in landscape architecture are very new. In this study, the understanding of futurism and the areas where futurism is used is explained by examining its place in the profession of landscape architecture.

Futurist, Futuristic Architecture, Futuristic Landscape, Futurism and science.


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