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Relation between Comparative Education Sciences and Comparative

Relation between Comparative and Comparative Educational Sciences Literature is a resource, providing important data to researchers for educational research on a national level. In this way, the researcher can feed his work from a multicultural environment that emerges during the transfer of different national literatures. The literary works of different nations are the most important tools that reflect the cultures and didactic characteristics of those nations and their understanding of education. In this context, the interdisciplinary cooperation of the comparative disciplines and educational sciences has the potential to learn about different cultures and to differentiate their culture in a multicultural environment and to respect different ideas and lifestyles. The importance of literary works to learn and teach multiculturalism is an undeniable fact. The transfer of literary works, which are indispensable sources for the transfer of cultures, takes place in the classroom environment with a scientific point of view and using statistical tools, it is necessary that the two disciplines work together. Comparatistic intersect with many disciplines due to its interdisciplinary structure, but it is mainly included into the field of social science studies. The comparison is no longer limited to a single area and examines the interaction of literature with social sciences and fine arts. In the field of comparative literature, education science and related foreign language teaching are supported by literary texts. There are explanations and determinations of many sciences expert on Comparatistic and Education sciences on this field. This relationship is particularly evident in the context of comparative education sciences that examine the role of language teaching in teaching of literature and in various national educational systems. The literary works of different nations are the most important tools that reflect the education and training understanding of those nations with their cultures and didactic characteristics.

Comparatistic, Education, Interculturalism


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