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The Extant Reflections of Italian-Turkish Solidarity in Orhan Yeniaras’ El Turco

One of the historical novels created through the combination of the factual events with the novel form is Orhan Yeniaras’ El Turco which takes its plot from the solidarity of Turkish and Italian people living in Italy’s Moena town during the Second Vienna Siege by the Turks. The Turks’ connections with Italy becoming a state in the 1870s also included such city-states as Venice, Naples, Florence, Milano, and Genoa. Italy is the first country that the Turks formed diplomatic and economic relations. Besides, it is the first European country that the Ottomans sent an embassy to Venice. As it happens in all over Europe, because of the Huns, Genghis Khan, the sieges of Jerusalem and Istanbul, the siege of Vienna two times but especially due to Mehmet the Conqueror’s Otranto campaign, Turcophobia increased among the Italian people. This reality caused some idioms such as the most popular of them, “Mamma li Turchi” to settle into the Italian culture. Today, a festival is celebrated in Moena town as a consequence of Hasan’s achievement in establishing Turkish-Italian friendship with his sincere attitudes. This success of Hasan shows that such solidarity cannot be realized by means of any military power or with any other method. This act of cooperation does not only free Italians from the harsh taxes and deeds of the Germans, but it also offers a new sense of independence among people. By erasing the prejudice of Turkish-Moslem, this historical fact takes its place in the world of history, literature, and culture, leads Moena town to be remembered as a Turkish town. The monument commemorating this fact brings the idea of tolerance to reach the present day. The work will be examined with the method of textual and comparative literature.

El Turco, Hasan from Balaban, Turkish-Italian relations, Turkish-Italian Literature, Prejudice of “The Turks”


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