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Turkey's Humanitarian Diplomacy Approach within the Framework of the Turkish Red Crescent

With the debate on the neglect of the humanitarian dimension of development gaining weight in the 1980s, structural adaptation policies have been developed. However, the practices related to these policies have brought along certain critical perspectives as well. Criticism towards international organizations such as the World Bank and the IMF, which are particularly functional in this regard, has increased. The Capability Approach developed by Amartya Sen is one of the opposing stances that emerged in this context. And later in the process, it formed the theoretical foundation of the Human Development Approach developed by the UN. This approach that puts people at the center of development lies under the acceptance of the development of human potential as the fundamental premise today. In this context, development aids began to gain more strategic importance on the international level and became an indispensable instrument of public diplomacy. Thus, countries with value-based power have become more active on international platforms. In this context, having developed as a component of public diplomacy, humanitarian diplomacy has acquired the most functional role in the public diplomacy achievements of nations with its capacity to produce solutions to problems in different geographies. The most important bearer of this responsibility in Turkey is the Turkish Red Crescent and it is undoubtedly one of the building blocks that have transformed traditional diplomacy. In this study, we examine the Turkish Red Crescent's field of activity as one of the most important actors of humanitarian diplomacy and make a query of Turkey's capacity in humanitarian diplomacy through descriptive analysis and data obtained by means of interview technique. In the study that examines the international assistance provided by the Turkish Red Crescent between 2008 and 2018, it was revealed that the budgets allocated to international humanitarian aids and development aids after disasters as well as international humanitarian aids increased every year, thus leading to a considerable increase in Turkey's capacity in humanitarian diplomacy. In this context, it should be noted that the Turkish Red Crescent has most favorably consolidated Turkey's international image through the humanitarian diplomacy it maintains and contributes to this international support capacity that the research data presents.

Public diplomacy, Humanitarian diplomacy, Development aids, Capability approach, Turkish Red Crescent


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