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“Is It Not Over Until We Say It’s Over?” Turkish Media’s View on the Evaluation the Success and Failure about Euro 2016 Performance of Turkish National Football Team in Terms of Causal Attribution

European Football Championships as the Olympics and World Cup Championships a sport event on natural life and spread over a relatively long period of time and represents a natural context. Successes and failures take place within framework this natural context suggested and diffused by both individual descriptions and approaches of a media of a country, so, causal attribution process operated. Thus the media is considered as an important actor of causal attribution process in which committed evaluation of sucess and failure. Starting from this premise, study aims to analyze the causal attributions of Turkish Media related to performance of TurkishNational Soccer Team within the framework Euro 2016 Football Championship organized in France between 10 June and 10 July 2016. In accordance with this purpose news, columns and commentaries concerning Euro 2016 Football Championship that published in the first page and the sport pages of two newspapers (Sabah, Hürriyet) representing the mainstream media and published in Turkey were involved in research and a quantitative analysis was conducted through content analysis method. In this study that used purposeful sampling method, content analysis coding guidelines was prepared and implemented in accordance with the criteria of success and failure by Markus et al. (2006). Study results, as the source of success and failure revealed thatTurkish (sport) Media focus on personal characteristics and self-motivation categories consistent with cultural pattern addition to emotional states and social factors categories such as other people excluding competitors, societel motivation and national priorities.

attribution theory, causal attribution, sports, media, turkish national football team, content analysis.


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