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Effect of Quality Perception for Psychological Commitment, Identification Levels Licensed Products on Purchase Intention of the Supporter

Expectations of consumers are increasing with each passing day with the development and the change of market dynamics. In return, businesses / organizations are trying to perceive the expectations by constantly staying up to date. This development can be seen very clearly in the field of sports marketing. Because it can be said that sports consumers have changed the consumption direction in time due to the fact that their expectations were not met. Therefore, this research was structured by approaching the factors in the integrated structuring and management of sports consumption, including all dimensions of sports management and sports marketing. Within this scope, quality perception for psychological commitment, identification levels and licensed products playing an effective role in the consumptions of sports consumers was evaluated in this study. Research data were collected from the audiences of an international tennis tournament which was held in Singapore and has international prestige and value. In the research, it was aimed to investigate the effects of supporters' psychological commitment, identification levels and quality perception on purchase intention. The obtained data set was analyzed with statistical methods. Reliability and validity analyzes were carried out according to the envisaged models and hypotheses. In this context, regression analysis was used to test the effect of psychological commitment, identification and quality perception on purchase intention. Significant results have been achieved by evaluating the effect of psychological commitment, identification levels and quality perception on purchase intention forming the theoretical structure of the research. According to the findings obtained in the study, it was concluded that beliefs factor from psychological commitment dimensions, partizanship from identification dimensions, and quality perception that gathered in one dimension affected the purchase intention.

psychological commitment, identification, quality perception, purchase intention, tennis.


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