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Evaluation of the High Learning Contribution of Web 2.0 Practices in University Students Perspective

Internet media, existing at all phases of our life and changing our daily life practices dramatically, expresses digital technology, whose area of utilization and density is increasing day by day in line with requirements of communal living. Its main feature is interactivity, that is to say, the ability to transfer large amounts of information and to receive feedback simultaneously from media which the information is transferred to and this feature is making internet and internet based applications more important in daily life as a communication media. This study, referencing of main point of view suggesting that such a technology creates new sources and opportunities in education life, is aiming to reveal how Internet and Internet based applications supports higher education from the perspective of universitystudents. With this purpose in mind, the study includes analysis of contribution, advantages, disadvantages and limitations of Internet and Internet based applications to higher education lives of university students. It is established in this study, set to work with qualitative data obtained from face to face meetings made with students through semi-structured interview forms, that students are using the web 2.0 tecnology to reach information, send information and coordinate group studies and to spend time out of education in daily life and to express themselves.

Web 2.0, education, social media, new media, interview, new communication technologies.


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