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Subcontracting, which provides advantages to the firm on different issues during the global competition, is an important aspect of the production process. For this reason, subcontracting has a wide application area in the process of goods and service production. However, this situation is a source of different problems at the individual and collective level especially in terms of employees in working life. The problem is more and more complex and constantly engaged in working life each day. Because the solutions produced against the problem are not enough and satisfactory solutions for the problem cannot be obtained. For this case the paper; based on the idea that it can be realized by an effective and balanced mechanism of social dialogue because the subcontractor problem is mainly multilateral, the solution is also multilateral, The study is also aimed at demonstrating the applicability of the proposed social dialogue mechanism as a solution method that will satisfy all partners, directly or indirectly. In this context subcontracting problem has been evaluated in terms of state, employer, union and employee. From this point it has been evaluated the positions, roles and importance of partners in an effective and balanced social dialogue mechanism. According to basic findings, the subcontractor problem is not a one-dimensional problem but a multifaceted problem. For this reason, today, one-way solutions cannot produce definitive solutions that satisfy the partners. The mechanism of social dialogue as an important process presents and challenges the presentation and implementation of precise and effective solutions that satisfy the partners. The process also offers different advantages in terms of social, political and economic issues for the state, productivity and profitability for the employer, participation in the decision making process for union and other employees and influencing decisions taken.

Subcontract Problem, Social Dialogue and the Partners.


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