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Cults formed around the places of visit in Hatay Province

From the earliest periods of history to the day-to-day, bearing the traces of many peoples and civilizations, Hatay has a huge and diverse cultural richness. One of the elements that make up this richness is the places visited and the practices carried out there. It is seen that the visiting phenomenon in Anatolia is shaped by the influence of many religious, mystical elements in a long historical course. The Turks continued to experience many beliefs and practices they had before becoming Muslims by changing their form and nature after they became Muslims. At this point, the ancestors, water, trees, mountain-stone-rock-cave cults seen in almost every part of Anatolia are seen in Hatay. There is also a very strong Khidr ash in Hatay. This culture is so powerful that the understanding of belief and worship of Alevis Nusayri citizens in Hatay is influential. A large area survey and participant observation method was used in this study. The study is limited to Hatay center, districts and their affiliated villagers. While observing the cults observed in the places within these boundaries, the material structure of the places visited, the place where they are, the rituals made on the visits, the prayers, the wishes, the offerings, the miracles were left outside the boundaries. At the end of the study it was determined that many of the beliefs and practices that Turks had before they became Muslims continued to live by changing their form and nature after they became Muslims. These beliefs and practices continue to be kept alive with names such as shah-sheik, grandfather-father, prophet and martyr, which are not called cult of ancestors, water, tree, mountain-stone-rock-cave culture.

Hatay, the places visited, cults, Khidr.


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