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Dystopia in the Works of Zülfü Livaneli Named “Son Ada” and Anthony Burgess Named “Clockwork Orange”

The modern individual, having experienced a psychological chrisis in the new age, where modernism mechanized and uniformized, has been greatly dissappointed when looking for the ways to escape. With the sovereignty of matter, oppression of individual emerges predominantly in modern literature. Correspondingly, the person, lost all hope, has begun to produce dystopias with disaster scenarios related to the future. Contextually, the reflection of dystopia to fictional plane through mimesis, the reconstraction of the social order that modern world has ruined is in question in the works “Clockwork Orange” and “Son Ada”. However, the reconstracted world promises a more complex and worse future than within the time. In “Son Ada” the protogonist who felt suffocated from the mechanic and monotonous life conditions is unaware of the catastrophic scenarios, surrounding the entire world will come here while taking cover the last island in which human volues has not yet been lost and is not involved in the mechanical process. In Clockwork Orange, similarly, the protogonist who, assumes a rebellious attitude, also finds himself in a worse situation in accordance with the results of modernity he was exposed while imagining that he has been freed from the pessimistic world. In this study, the dystopia motif in two works written in different countires in different periods was examined comparatively with the text-depended analyses method. Information about outhors and dystopia as a theme was given in order to sit the study on a solid groud as a comparative application.

Son Ada, Clockwork Orange, Dystopia


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