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Corporate Culture Model Proposal for Operating in Local Business in Turkey

The researches of Max Weber, which started in the early 1900s, continue with differentiation as a result of developing technology and increasing competition. Culture, which is a very important concept in terms of organizations, is very determinative in strengthening the strategies of enterprises in a competitive environment. In today's business conditions, organizational structures must have the flexibility to support a strong culture. Flexibility in the formation and adoption of corporate culture is an important tool. Each society has its own characteristics and has its own characteristics. Within the framework of these social and organizational characteristics, the cultures of the institutions are shaped. In the literature, many models related to organizational culture have been put forward. In this study, the institutional culture models in the literature have been carefully examined and a culture model consisting of three dimensions as team culture, transformative culture and conservative culture has been established. The culture model in the research was formed according to five basic variables as human resources management, occupational health and safety, total quality management, management skills and success criteria. The corporate culture of the enterprises is shaped by the approach to these five factors and their degree of flexibility. In the corporate culture to literature survey of local businesses operating in Turkey it was found to significantly affect these dimensions.

3T Institution Culture Model, Holder Culture, Team Culture, Transformation Culture


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