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An Evaluation on Ram-Shaped Tombstones with Model Chapels on their Back in Tbilisi, Georgia

Ram has had an important place for different art themes in many parts of the world since early ages. Ram shaped sculptures and/or tombstones have been among the most common art works in the world, as well. Considering the Asian continent, it can be seen that ram shaped tombstones have emerged with similar purposes and with similar forms and decoration in many countries from Mongolia to Turkey. Taking into consideration the art works related to ram in Georgia, besides coming across ram-horn motif on many architectural structures, it is possible to see ram shaped tombstones in many places. When considering ram-shaped art works in Georgia, it can be seen that the motif of ram has been widely used in the religious architecture as a decorative element. It appears that most of the sculptures are exhibited in the gardens of the museums in different places. Each ram shaped tomb stone in Georgia appears to be a masterpiece. Both the formal characteristics and different decorations on them have significant meanings. When examined, it can be seen that they not only reflect the belief and culture of the era, but also of the past. In this notification; we will try to make a remark about the general thoughts and beliefs about ram and then make an evaluation about the ram shaped sculptures on which you can see model chapels in Tbilisi, Georgia.

Tbilisi, Georgia, ram-shaped, tombstone, model chapel


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