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International E-Learning as an Emerging Cultural Diplomacy Practice

With the rise of new technologies, e-learning programmes are even more attractive for people who want to improve themselves. They are mostly preferred since they bring an end to many limitations such as time, place, and financial barriers. Thanks to this emerging education type, options regarding the countries one wants to get a good education from are also various as it is easier to find out that high-quality education is not limited to 3-4 certain countries. Cultural diplomacy is one of the main areas countries function to gain more soft power. It is an important part of diplomacy that needs to be studied in detail and planned ahead as it gives not only short term but also long term results. International e-learning is to be included in cultural diplomacy techniques as it is closely related to country image and branding. This paper aims to analyze international e-learning programmes within the framework of cultural diplomacy. After a brief literature review on e-learning programmes and cultural diplomacy, the relationship of these two terms is to be analyzed to be able to present a road map on what should and should not be done to gain soft power via high-quality e-learning education.

E-learning, Culture, Cultural diplomacy, Soft power, Country image


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