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Discussion of the Economic and Cultural Functions of Shopping Malls (AVMS) within the Context of Perception Management

Since the prehistoric ages, power holders have aimed to exert control and authority on masses of whose minds they aimed to manipulate to serve their best interests. Gustav Le Bon argues that masses refer to; “regardless of their nationality, profession or gender a random collection of individuals”. Le Bon also asserts that when individuals are grouped, they turn into crowds thereby creating a supreme entity beyond self-identity. The Mass refers to a homogenous structure having melted in one pot and there is singularity in the mentality of mass. Behaviors are controlled by emotions and prejudices rule over. Accordingly, Perception Management holds vital significance as one of the most salient instruments of psychological war. Perception Management has turned into a popular instrument in the hands of political authorities after the Cold War and particularly in the aftermath of Financial Globalization. In the construction of perception, media instruments are equally effective as financial instruments. Likewise companies currently utilize the concept of Perception Management as a tool. Thus the purpose of this study is to exhibit the economic and cultural functions of Shopping Malls (AVM) that took the lead front as a symbol of consumption culture after Financial Globalization in particular. In addition the study aims to analyze the effects of “Perception Management” that can lead customers to visit shopping malls as “an economical market place and setting for socialization”. Research population is formed of analyzing shopping malls as companies within the scope of economic dimension of globalization. The limitation of the study is that, within the framework of perception management and corporate perception management concepts, the survey administered to university students in Istanbul was assessed by implementing qualitative method.

Financial Globalization, Company-Product-Service, Shopping Malls, Perception Management, Communication-Consumer Behavior, Perception.


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