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Sustainable Urban Living Pratiques in City: Sumerbank Kayseri Cloth Weaving Factory

The years of 1935, The new Turkish Republic has been entrepreneured on industrialization movement and then It has been established a new factory in Kayseri, “ Sümer Cloth Weaving Factory”. The Rusia state encouraged the Turkish Republic as financial and technical in order to industrial investment realization. As an Rusian architect, İvan Nikolaev together with his technical team has playing role actively on implementation of factory’s architectural and construction projects. The big leader, founder of Republic, Atatürk had an long term perspectives on progress of Turkey Which firsly announced on Ankara city as a new capital city of Turkey, 29 November 1923, and new industrial plants such as three whites: flor, candy and cloth factories were established through railway transportation net works in Anatolia. When we examined on architectural concept on Sümer factory, all needs have been provided and distributed by specified units of factory. This plant ownly had presented different services to city inhabitants. It is a rather interesting and trying an approach that Toyota automobile enterprise in Japan has been used as an campus city model in 1937. İn Turkey, This model has been also affected on Karabük iron-steal factory (1937), Kırıkkale weapon factory (1936), İskenderun iron-steal factory (1970) All of them has affected on any city’s social and economic life extensively. Neo Liberal economical policies with privatisations has been started to implement increasingly in Turkey in the 1980s. Public Economical Enterprices have large plants Where located on city centers. This condition resulted on increasing of value of land and it’s facilities and utilities. Many factories owned by state stopped the production and The state wanted to privatiazation of industrial assets. However, The Sümer factory has not been privatizated succesfully and the other state university, Erciyes University has used as educational and research activities between 2000 and 2012. The Sümer factory campus area’s allocation has been ensured by National Estate General Directorate since 2012. This area as 3rd generation univercity has been developed as the city and region’s education, research ve cultural centre.

Campus city, Sustainability, Green Campus, Third Generation Univercity, Kayseri


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