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A Trace on the Internet History of Antalya: First Internet Site of Antalya: ""

As regards to the fast changes lived through during the development of communication technologies, many renewals could be listed from the past till our time but it is evident that the period after the invention of internet and the period before internet should be separated by drawing a thick line. Just like the invention of writing, the invention of internet is a milestone for humanity. Today in year 2017, we are at a very early stage for using the words “internet” and “history” together. But internet, the first steps of which were taken in 1960s and which has developed from those years onwards and becoming open to public in 90s, is continuing to accumulate its own history. It can be stated that the biggest change among these renewals has started in 2000s and that the building blocks of this change were interaction, social media, and mobile networks. At the point where we are today, internet, social media, and new media are being considered with various ways and forms and many predictions and analysis are made as relating with their future perspectives. As “New” is the one that “gets old” quickest, recording of each development within the history of internet that develops so quickly and causes all the structures to change from their roots, has a special importance. The first time Turkey met with internet was in year 1993 with a connection made from METU (Middle East Technical University). In Antalya, the first connection was made from Meditteranean University. In this study, site as being the first internet portal of Antalya aiming to open Antalya to the world, will be reviewed. Antalya-ws, which started its first publication at the early stage of internet in 1996, is attracting attention with its rich content and different features as per the period when it was established. In the study, by investigating the site with content analysis method and by making in depth discussions with the founders of the site, it was aimed to leave a trace on Antalya Press and internet history.

Internet, new media, Antalya web portal


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