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Evaluating Cultural Wedding Traditions of Hakkari From Past to Today

Hakkari, one of the cities in the east part of Turkey, is very rich in terms of its cultural heritage, including weddings. Every society has its own cultural wedding traditions. As for the weddings in Hakkari, it cannot be expressed by words. People who participate in wedding ceremonies in the region know how lively and full of fun they are. Besides the amusement, the cultural traditions related to marriage are also noteworthy. As in the other areas of life, there have been a lot of changes in cultural wedding traditions in the region in this century. In this study, we have tried to handle the weddings both in the past and in the present time to make a comparison between them. We hope that cultural wedding traditions of Hakkari belonging to both periods will attract a great attention of the ones who are interested in culture, tradition and customs of different societies and we hope that there will be a positive contribution to the cultural heritage of Hakkari province. We wish this study would make a significant contribution in both introducing wedding traditions, one of the important elements of the region culture, and protecting it against the external factors that could affect it in a negative way.

Hakkari, marriage, wedding, traditions, culture


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