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Sectoral Essential Examination of Customer Relationship Management Process: A Critical Evaluation

Building up consciousness of the business is firmly identified with the specialized techniques to be created by the target mass. In this review, the utilization of the idea of customer relationship management, which is one of the communication procedures that are progressively regular in today's business sectors, has been investigated in the sector. Call center services administrations are utilized as a part of the creation and advancement of customer relations, for example, demands, suggestions, protest administration. This study is based on examining the application of the customer relationship management in the sector and is prepared from the question of ʽAre you actively utilizing the call center services in the process of customer relationship management?ʼ. It is aimed to contribute to the continuous improvement of customer relations management and call center applications by analyzing the mistakes made in the sector. In the scope of the study, Evyap sample was examined by content analysis method. According to the review, Evyap's unconditional unconditional customer satisfaction in customer relationship management was found not to be able to capture in the same successful call center applications. All things being equal, even ventures that are unequivocally subject to consumer loyalty can fall into correspondence factor. Since, as on account of Evyap, there are working hours in call centers and the commitment to watch certain hours for the customers to achieve the business will be troublesome as far as client relations over the long run. Correspondence methodologies, call center administrations to be created by the objective populace of these areas ought to be always refreshed and progressed.

Communication, Customer Relationship Management, Call Center Services.


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