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Wall as an Alternative Surface

Drawing something on the wall has been one of the mysterious actions of the unknown history, continued up to today. Either we say this a magic/ religion effect, art or message anxiety, our foresight is that they have been done for the sake of an aim. The immobile cave surfaces in different geographies and tamgas/petroglyphs which were scraped onto rocks, except mobile surfaces (clay tablets, hand-made papers, clothes etc.) are the characteristics to prove the first examples of sending a message. Except the fact of reaching of these writings and drawings up to this date which were written onto the walls in the research with the anxiety of record or message, they will be tried to be illuminated how they have transformed and maintained their continuity to the cultural and political sendings. In this frame; graffiti and the other examples which we usually encounter in the surfaces of social life, on the walls of streets, in the feet of bridges, at train stations express etc. express the main problem situation how they represent the story. Based on the topic matter findings; the results about the semiotic context of graffiti will be presented which has become an alternative, universal and popular expression language.

Tamga, Petroglyph, Graffiti, Surface, Semiyotic.


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