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The Metaphors of Pre-Service Religious Culture and Moral Knowledge Pre-Service Teachers Related to Cyber-Bullying

The concept of cyber-bullying has started to become a part of our daily life together with the social life that has been carried into online platforms. Cyber-bullying has different definitions in the literature, and moreover, it has been defined as threatening, humiliating other individuals or sending them sexually explicit photos and messages through the web sites, blogs, chat rooms, mobile phones, electronic mails and personal online profiles. Cyber-bullying as the disappointing result of modern life and information technologies is one of the leading moral problems among the young together with the increase at communication networks. When the studies carried out on cyber-bullying were reviewed, cyber-bullying could be noticed to be a common problem at schools. The purpose of this research was to determine the perceptions of Theology Faculty, Religious Culture and Moral Knowledge (RCMK) pre-service teachers related to the concept of cyber-bullying through the metaphors. In accordance with this purpose, the pre-service teachers were asked to fill in the gaps in the sentence of “In my opinion, cyber-bullying is like a/an …; because …” So that, metaphors of the participants related to the concept of cyber-bullying were tried to be determined. The aim for using “because” was to reveal the meaning and reason pre-service teachers attributed to the metaphors. Phenomenology as one of the qualitative research designs was used in the study. Participants of the research were 108 volunteer students studying at Nevşehir Hacı Bektaş Veli University, Faculty of Theology (Religious Culture and Moral Knowledge Department students. The data obtained from the research were analyzed using content analysis method as one of the qualitative data analysis methods.

Anahtar Kelimeler
Pre-service teacher, cyber bullying, metaphor analysis.


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